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Jackie with family
Housing has reached an all time crisis in Oregon. The first home purchase has become out of reach. Renters are unable to afford rent. Limited housing has resulted in skyrocketing prices that hurt our working families.  Oregon must expand housing options opportunities for our community.

As a mother, I believe in accessibility to childcare and quality education for 

all of Oregon’s children. We must invest in our schools, providing better support to 

teachers, staff, and students.

Job Availability 
Let’s prioritize access to apprenticeship programs and affordable education options that provide prevailing wage jobs with benefits and a growing career. Whether someone pursues a career as a teacher, construction worker, postal worker, or a line chef, these careers are all integral to Oregon.
Jackie speaking API State Heritage month.jpg
Mental Health 
Mental health issues are the leading cause of homelessness and we must do more to address them. Mental health services must be expanded and Oregon must invest in training and hiring more mental health specialists.
I have always believed my job as a City Councilor was to put the interests of my constituents first. That responsibility does not change for House representatives. More accountability and transparency in policy making and governing would help ensure our elected officials are making decisions based on what’s best for their community’s health and wellness.
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